Dancer's Annual National Competition Extravaganza

August 31st  -  September 2nd, 2018
Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport
Irving, Texas

Dallas D*A*N*C*E* Labor Day Weekend is sponsored by
the Dallas Push Club

Dallas Dance Hall of Fame Winners

Since its inception in 1987, Dallas D.A.N.C.E. has become one of the most prestigious dance conventions nationwide. It provides not only a weekend of great music and dancing but also quality competitions. The competitors work long hours to prepare to put on a good show. To acknowledge our appreciation for their efforts and achievements , the Dallas D.A.N.C.E. Committee established the Dallas D.A.N.C.E. Hall of Fame.

  • Barry Jones
  • Matt Auclair
  • Sherry Lawson Martin
  • Robert Cordoba
  • Robin McBride
  • Richard Ware
  • Terry Roseborough
  • Roxanne Ware
  • Mario Robou Jr
  • Jessica Cox
  • Jordan Frisbee
  • Tom Daniell
  • Tim Auclair
  • Steve Giles
  • James Leyva
  • Katie Beradino

  • Deborah Szekely
  • Kellese Key
  • Tatiana Mollmann
  • Debbie Figueroa
  • Angel Figueroa
  • Parker Dearborn
  • Austin Murray
  • Will Carlton
  • Lori Hayner
  • John Grammer
  • Barbara Grammer
  • Cher Chilton-Peadon
  • Leslie Daniell
  • Jeanne DeGeyter
  • Lisa D´Amico
  • Michael Stephens

The system of scoring is objective. It is based on "Three A´s". Achievement, Advancement, and Activity. Induction into the Dallas D.A.N.C.E. Hall of Fame requires ad minimum of 1,500 points. The points and percentages earned have been weighted to accommodate the various levels of dance.


Every Dancer receives points based on their placement in the contest

1st place100 points
2nd place70 points
3rd place50 points
4th place40 points
5th place30 points
6th place25 points
7th place20 points
8th place15 points
9th place10 points
10th place5 points


The dancer keeps the percentage of the Achievement points corresponding to the category in which he/she placed.

Showcase, Draw, Open/Progressive, Classic100%
Pro/Am50% / 25%                  
Novice, Contemporary, Jack & Jill, Novice Strictly Swing25%
Newcomer Novice, Novice Jack & Jill15%
Cabaret, Teams50%


Dancers are awarded points for the cumulative number of times they entered and placed in a contest.

1st contest5 points
2nd contest10 points
3rd contest15 points
4th contest20 points
5th contest25 points
6th contest30 points
7th contest35 points
8th contest40 points
9th contest45 points
10th contest50 points


Mr./Ms. Dancer has placed 5th in Novice and 3rd as Am in Pro/Am.

  1. 30 points for 5th Place and 50 points for 3rd place.
  2. 25% for Novice contest AND 25% as Am in Pro/Am contest
  3. 5 points for contest entry 1 AND 10 points for contest entry 2
[(30 x .25) + 5] + [ (50 x .25) + 10] = (7.5 + 5)  + (12.5 + 10) = 12.5 + 22.5 =35 Total Points

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